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Quality Assurance & Control

Nestled in the heart of Kampala, Uganda, Wakanda Coffee Brokerage houses a state-of-the-art coffee lab, backed by a seasoned team with a collective experience of 15 years. Our primary mission is to educate and guide our clients on both ends about the stringent standards required for exporting premium grade coffee, in accordance with government guidelines.

Before any bean is shipped, our dedicated quality controllers take charge. Pre-loading samples are meticulously drawn at random from various points around the stack, ensuring a representative sampling. Meanwhile, during the loading process, we ensure that samples are extracted from 100% of the bags, leaving no room for error. Each sample undergoes rigorous analysis in our lab. To safeguard against any potential discrepancies or claims, we store these samples for three months. Additionally, upon request, we provide the option to seal these samples, further exemplifying our commitment to transparency and excellence. With Wakanda Coffee Brokerage, every bean's quality is not just assured, but celebrated.

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Wakanda Coffee Brokerage Services is the leading service provider in bridging the gap between international coffee buyers and local coffee suppliers, green coffee sourcing, acting as negotiators between the buyers and sellers

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Kira Municipality, Bulindo Plaza, Room 101

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